A Day in Provence

Rousillion in ProvenceI just returned from a wonderful week in France with my daughter. We spent a few days in Paris, then traveled to Avignon and our last few days were in Nice. One of the most enjoyable days we had was when we took a tour from Avignon to the villages of Provence. The weather was perfect, in the low 80’s with the most amazing blue sky that served as the best backdrop to the beautiful villages that we visited.

Our first stop was Rousillion, which is built on an ochre ridge. The red, orange and yellow pigments on the stone buildings were present throughout the village. The blueness of the sky just intensified the colors!

Gordes in ProvenceApproaching the next village, Gordes, took our breath away. The white stone houses and the castle at the top are all built into Les Monts de Vaucluse. It is spectacular to see the houses hanging onto the edge of the cliff.

Les Baux des Provence was the last village that we visited. This is a stone village built on top of a mountain. The church and the castle blend into the rock, carved from the jagged stone.

Our final stop of the day was Pont du Gard. This ancient Roman aquaduct was awe inspiring. To think that this was built nearly 2000 years ago and how much time and human strength was involved.

Les Baux des ProvenceAlthough each village was small with winding, cobblestone streets, each was unique in its own way.

I would love to return here in the summer while the lavender and sunflowers are blooming, and spend a day or two exploring each of these unique villages.

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