About Me

dianeHello, my name is Diane Supino, an experienced travel consultant and founder of A Travel Boutique, a specialty travel agency whose primary focus is planning vacations to Europe.

When I was younger, I had always wanted to travel to Europe. I would spend hours reading books and articles in travel magazines. As I looked at the photos, I was inspired by the prospect of going somewhere new and different — the food, the culture, the history and the romanticism spoke to me on a deep, emotional level.

The first time I traveled to Europe was in 1981 on my honeymoon. The planning and anticipation were so exciting. I felt as if I was going to finally make a connection with that part of the world. The two weeks that we spent in Europe were pivotal in my life and fueled my life-long passion for travel.

Since then, I have made it a priority to see the world and experience not only the thrill of new places and adventures, but to sample the varied and nuanced culture that each new destination presents, whether it’s across the country or overseas. Having worked as a travel consultant, I spend hours researching each destination to ensure that I find the right hotel in the perfect location. I search for specialty stores and markets and discover authentic local restaurants to try. I set up day trips and short excursions to see the important sights and historically significant locations that round out and add depth to the experience.

In short, I make sure to construct a journey that will let me truly get the most out of a trip, whether I’m planning for myself and my family, or for my clients. I will use my extensive knowledge and experience, as well as my enthusiasm and passion for travel, to plan your European journey as if it were my own.