Amazing Iceland

When I saw on the internet that Reykjavik shut the lights off in the city because the Northern Lights were putting on an amazing show, I thought that this was such a cool decision. I love when the night sky is painted in pink and fuchsia, which is why visiting Iceland and seeing the Aurora Borealis is very high on my bucket list.

Iceland is a volcanic island with over 10 percent of it covered by glaciers. It is an easy 5 hour nonstop flight from Boston to Reykjavik, and Icelandair has a stopover program from the United States and Canada to Europe. This allows you to stopover in Iceland for up to seven nights at no additional cost.

Also this past winter Icelandair introduced their Stopover Buddy Program. Through this free service an Icelandair employee will show you around Iceland for a day based on your interests. This was such a popular program and began again this past fall.

Iceland’s tourist season starts in mid June and runs through August. A popular tour from Reykjavik is the Golden Circle Tour where you will visit the magnificent Gullfoss Waterfall and the Strokkur geyser, which erupts every 5-10 minutes, One of the the most visited attractions in Reykjavik is the Blue Lagoon. It is a geothermal spa where people bath in the blue water which is generally 98-104 degrees.

In the early summer there is never complete darkness and the sun stays low to the horizon. With the Midnight Sun from late May until July, it is like the day never ends. On the other hand mid winter brings only 4-5 hours of sunlight and some of the roads can become impassable.

The best time to see the  Aurora Borealis magical sky show is from September to mid April. You may want to think about putting Iceland on your bucket list. Iceland offers amazing lunar like landscapes, waterfalls, geysers, snow covered mountains, adventures and culture.

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