European Wanderlust

Hi. Welcome to my travel blog European Wanderlust. As the word wanderlust implies, I have a strong desire to travel and explore...Europe. By writing this blog it is my desire to highlight the many beautiful cities and towns that fill the countries of Europe. I want to share travel stories and tips, recommend great restaurants to enjoy a meal or a market to shop for a special souvenir to take home.

My hope is to give you an overall desire to want to discover your own European Wanderlust. I would love for this blog to become a community; a place where you can share your own travel experiences and tips so that we can all enjoy the beauty of traveling.

Have a wonderful day!

Avalon River Cruise

My husband and I along with two other couples went on an Avalon Waterways river cruise in June. I had heard so many positive things about river cruising and couldn't wait for this experience. We were on the 128-passenger Tapestry II, an all suite ship, in a panoramic suite, with river facing beds and panoramic windows. We traveled the Seine River ... read more

Amazing Iceland

When I saw on the internet that Reykjavik shut the lights off in the city because the Northern Lights were putting on an amazing show, I thought that this was such a cool decision. I love when the night sky is painted in pink and fuchsia, which is why visiting Iceland and seeing the Aurora Borealis is very high on my bucket list. Iceland is ... read more

Why you should use a travel consultant.

When you decide that you want to plan your trip and start researching on the internet, there is so much information for you to search through. With so many sights offering different information and deals, this can be overwhelming and confusing.  A vacation that looks perfect on line can turn into a disaster when you get there. The hotel that was ... read more

Take advantage of a long layover.

Have you ever had a long layover while traveling and wondered what to do with your time while you waited in the airport? When my daughter, Adrienne, flew home from Thailand, she had a 9 hour layover in Singapore. There are two free tours that are offered at the airport, but she was unable to get on either of them. She decided to take the train, see ... read more

Girl’s Getaways

I love girl's getaways. My friends and I have been doing this for a lot of years. We either go to the cape for a long weekend or up to Maine. We have celebrated a year of "special birthdays" in Las Vegas and enjoyed visiting the vineyards in Long Island. We always have so much fun laughing, talking and going to dinner. The memories we make will ... read more

Are You Thinking About A European River Cruise?

Enjoying time with family and friends is special and traveling together is a wonderful way to do this and create memories that will last forever.  River cruising is a great option for a family or a group of friends who want to travel together. Over the past 15 years, river cruising has become more popular and the demand for more cruises has ... read more

Escorted Tour, Independent Travel or Both. How do you want to travel?

People like to travel in different ways. Some people like to be on an escorted tour where they feel confident that things will go perfectly and they will get to see all of the places that they want to visit.They are comfortable that all the details and hassles are handled by the tour operator and also that their guide is knowledgeable of the ... read more

St. Andrews…Home of Golf

St. Andrews, regarded as the "Home of Golf" is one of the oldest courses in the world. Golf has been played here since the 15th century and it is an Old Course tradition that on Sunday, the course is used as a public park. People are able to picnic, play frisbee and enjoy walking around the course.This is how we were able to take this picture of us ... read more

Renting A Car In Europe

Have you thought about renting a car while in Europe? Being able to drive through small towns, choosing where you want to stop and how long you want to spend there? If you are thinking about traveling this way, then you need to be prepared before you leave. You should familiarize yourself with local customs and specific driving procedures of the ... read more

Romantic Vacations in Europe

This is the time of year for romance. A lot of couples look forward to spending their honeymoon in the Caribbean. They want to relax by the calm, blue water and soft, white sand during the day and enjoy a romantic dinner in the evening. And who can blame them after the long hectic months that lead up to their wedding day. But romance, any kind, ... read more