Escorted Tour, Independent Travel or Both. How do you want to travel?

People like to travel in different ways. Some people like to be on an escorted tour where they feel confident that things will go perfectly and they will get to see all of the places that they want to visit.They are comfortable that all the details and hassles are handled by the tour operator and also that their guide is knowledgeable of the destination and sights. Escorted tours have changed and reinvented themselves to be more flexible for their clients. Many of these tours allow the traveler plenty of free time and spend more than a few hours in each city. While on an escorted tour travelers are treated to special experiences, from having dinner at a local family’s home to VIP access to must see attractions.

Other people want to choose the countries and cities that they visit and how much time they want to spend there. I am able to customize their travel so that they have the perfect amount of private or small group tours and free time to explore on their own to see what they can discover. The guided tours that are scheduled take into account the clients interests such as wine tours, cooking classes, private shopping excursions or whatever they may have in mind. I work with suppliers who are familiar with the country and cities that my clients want to visit and have personal contacts within certain areas.

There are also other people who would like a little of both ways to travel. They know that they want to travel independently without a group and tour operator, but they like having a local host available in each city to answer any questions that they have or help with any problems that may arise. They are able to become familiar with the city with a scheduled  half day sightseeing tour. The local host will also suggest restaurants for dinner and point out other interesting sights for them to see and assist them in making the arrangements.

Which type of traveler are you?

If you or anyone you know is interested in planning a trip to Europe and would like help deciding which type of travel is for you, please give me a call or click the link above to set up a complimentary consultation. As a travel consultant, I am committed to making your vacation, as well as your vacation planning, the best experience possible. 


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