Girl’s Getaways

I love girl’s getaways. My friends and I have been doing this for a lot of years. We either go to the cape for a long249080_368477273254215_1345189586_n weekend or up to Maine. We have celebrated a year of “special birthdays” in Las Vegas and enjoyed visiting the vineyards in Long Island. We always have so much fun laughing, talking and going to dinner. The memories we make will last forever and the refreshed and grateful feeling of having such wonderful friends is a blessing.

Are you thinking about a girl’s getaway? My ultimate girl’s getaway was when my daughter, Adrienne and I visited my daughter,IMG_0254 (3) Vanessa who was studying abroad in France. After spending a few days in Strasbourg, we took the train back to Paris to meet my mother, my sister and my niece. We enjoyed shopping at the Galeries Lafayette, visiting the museums, relaxing in the cafes and strolling down the Rue Cler picking up chocolates, wine, cheese, fruits and baguettes for a picnic lunch.This is an adventure that we continue to talk about and cannot wait to do again either in Paris or some other beautiful city. 

London is a wonderful place to spend time with friends. It is an easy city to get around. If you all like to shop, you will find plenty of great shopping areas and markets. You can easily spend hours in Harrods and then make reservations for afternoon tea. Going to a show, in the evening, at one of the many theaters and stopping for drinks later is a fun way to end the day. If you are a Downton Abbey fan like me, you can find a guided tour that will show you all the places that the show was filmed as well as a tour of Highclere Castle. Are you up for a road trip? If so, rent a car for a few days and drive to the country. You can visit and spend a few nights in some of the towns that the show was filmed.

How does relaxing by a pool at a villa in Tuscany with all of your girlfriends sound? You can enjoy hiking, massages, visits to beautiful villages with breathtaking landscapes, and wine tastings. This sounds like a dream to me!

Getaways are not just for girls. Guys love getting away too, especially on golfing trips. My husband and hisIMG_1840 golf buddies, along with their wives (my friends and I) visited St. Andrew’s for a couple of days of golfing. There are so many gorgeous golf courses in this area. The guys can golf on a different course everyday. Some men like to rent a car and have the freedom to choose when they come and go. Others like to have a driver to take them and their clubs to the different courses.

Whether you want to travel with girlfriends, as a family, or with a few different couples, I can help you plan the perfect vacation. I listen to you as you describe what you are dreaming of for your vacation and help you design an itinerary that will bring your dreams to life. 


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