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To me my passport is one of my most valued possessions. It allows me the opportunity to travel freely around the world. I get to experience adventures, meet new people, learn about different cultures and taste new foods. All of this brings joy to my life!International Traveler Passport

A passport is an official document issued by the government certifying the holder’s identity and citizenship and allowing them to travel internationally. Having a United States passport allows you to visit 174 countries. How lucky are we to be able to have this little book that will take us to most of the places we dream of! This is your ticket to the world, so if you do not have a passport, please take the time to apply for one. I am sure that you won’t regret it.

First Time Applicant

If you are a first time applicant (adult) you must apply in person. You will need to have all the necessary documents, completed forms, application and a photo. The cost of your passport will be $135.00 and it will be valid for 10 years. Children under 15 years old have special regulations and their passport is only valid for 5 years. For more information on how you can apply go to

What To Do If Your Passport Is Lost Or Stolen

My daughter, Adrienne, has been teaching English in Colombia since January. When she realized that her passport was lost, she needed to go to the U.S. Consulate in Colombia to apply and pay for a new one. She had to fill out the appropriate paperwork and wait a few days to receive her new passport. A good rule while traveling abroad is to be sure to make a couple of copies of your passport. Leave one copy at home and take the other with you and keep it separate from your passport.

Renewing Your Passport

When my niece, Olivia, studied abroad in Italy this past summer, I mentioned to my sister to be aware of the expiration date on her passport. Her passport was expiring very soon after her return. When she got in touch with the U.S. Department of State, their statement was “for all destinations worldwide we recommend that your passport have at least 6 months of validity beyond your dates of international travel to avoid unintended travel disruptions.”10394538_804350439575858_4332901121640884404_n  venice

Be sure to check your passport before traveling. It should be signed and the emergency information should be filled in. Also be aware of the expiration date so that if a great travel opportunity comes along, you won’t be left behind.


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