Protect Your Vacation With Travel Insurance

Something you need but hope to never use…Insurance. This statement is true for auto insurance, health insurance and especially travel insurance. No one wants to think that the dream vacation that they have been planning and saving for will have to be cancelled. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong before your vacation and also while you are away on vacation.

With political unrest, severe weather and unexpected medical issues that can disrupt your vacation, travel jpeginsurance should be factored into your travel budget when planning your vacation. I had clients who had to cancel their fully paid vacation due to an unexpected surgery before they were leaving for their trip. Another man was taking his two sons away and one son broke his leg a few days before they were leaving! You just never know what will happen. Medical emergencies can also occur while you are traveling. Most U.S. based health insurance plans do not extend outside the borders of this country, and if you are outside your health insurance network you could be paying 80% to 100% of these costs yourself. While my daughter was away in Colombia she got Dengue Fever and needed to be treated with an IV at the hospital.CartoonHospitalBed

When choosing your travel insurance, there are different policies that you can compare with different levels of coverage. The price of insurance is based on your age, the cost of your vacation and where you live.

As a travel consultant I know that most of my clients would rather not talk about travel insurance, and I don’t blame them. But it is important. You are investing a lot of money into your vacation. Isn’t it worth protecting it with travel insurance?



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