Romantic Vacations in Europe

This is the time of year for romance. A lot of couples look forward to spending their honeymoon in the Caribbean. They want to relax by the calm, blue water and soft, white sand during the day and enjoy a romantic dinner in the evening. And who can blame them after the long hectic months that lead up to their wedding day.

But romance, any kind, honeymoon, anniversary or just “we need together time” doesn’t have to only be about the Caribbean. Spending time in Europe is just as romantic and relaxing. Planning time to sightsee and time to relax by a beach or a pool that looks out over the rocky Amalfi Coast is just as enticing.

Here are a few suggestions for a romantic European vacation.  

 Italy with its beautiful landscapes, delicious food and warm, welcoming people is certainly one of the most romantic countries. You can choose between a number of cities to start your vacation, but Rome has so many iconic sights, like the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilca and The Vatican Museums. With a private guided tour you will be able to bypass the crowds and learn many interesting facts about these wonderful places. After spending a few days in the city, the Amalfi Coast is a gorgeous place to relax, watch the sunset, and enjoy the water. Spend a couple of days in Sorrento and then have your driver take you to another little town such as Positano, Ravello or Amalfi to spend a few more relaxing days.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Paris, “the City of Light” with its wide boulevards, impeccable gardens, the Eiffel Tower and so many museums, is the perfect city. You can spend an afternoon in a cafe people watching or gliding along the Seine catching glimpses of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. A few days later, you can take the train to the French Riviera. A driver will pick you up at the station and drop you off at your hotel in Nice, Cannes or wherever you choose to spend your time on the Cote d’azur. You can relax on the beaches, have lunch in an outdoor cafe, stroll along the seafront promenades and just be together making wonderful memories.                                                                                                               
Greece Start your vacation in the ancient city of Athens, with the Acropolis and the Parthenon rising above the city. You can walk along the pedestrian only areas enjoying delicious food, shopping in one of the many boutiques or just sitting in a cafe watching the world go by. When you decide that you want to spend your days relaxing by a cliffside pool or on a sandy beach, take a ferry or hydrofoil over to the islands. Santorini is a stunning sight with its whitewashed buildings clinging to the cliffs and narrow cobblestone streets. Spend your days by the pool overlooking the blue sky, blue water and the blue domes of the buildings. Then enjoy your evenings with drinks, an amazing sunset and a delicious dinner. With so many islands to enjoy you may also want to spend a few nights in Mykonos, Crete or Hydra.

Europe is full of romantic cities and towns! If you would like to plan a romantic getaway in Europe, please give me a call to set up a complimentary planning session or you can use my online calendar to schedule an appointment.


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