Let us use our expertise to plan your perfect vacation.

Planning a vacation can be exhausting, not to mention stressful. At A Travel Boutique, we take care of the busy work, so you can focus on your upcoming European adventure.

A Travel Boutique will…

  • Schedule a consultation so that we can get to know you, your travel style and exactly what your expectations are for your journey.
  • Research your destination, book hotels and suggest possible day trips that are available so that you’ll have all the information you need to familiarize yourself with your destination beforehand.
  • Find special attractions or unique interests that you may have such as wine tasting tours or cooking classes. Then we’ll organize and book them for you, so there’s no last minute scheduling.
  • Set up and book transportation to and from the hotel, airport and train stations.
  • Offer travel tips such as passport information, exchange rate and currency, time differences, transportation, tipping etiquette, weather expectations and clothing so you’ll be prepared.
  • Provide your travel documents and ensure you have all the essential paperwork.
  • Confirm all your travel plans, so there are no unwanted surprises.
  • Book with reputable travel suppliers and travel insurance companies so that you will feel secure with your travel plans.
  • Be available for you to answer any questions that you may have before and during your vacation.