St. Andrews…Home of Golf

St. Andrews, regarded as the “Home of Golf” is one of the oldest courses in the world. Golf has been played here since the 15th century and it is an Old Course tradition that on Sunday, the course is used as a public park. People are able to picnic, play frisbee and enjoy walking around the course.This is how we were able to take this picture of us sitting on the Swilcan Bridge on the 18th hole.

Advanced reservations are required to golf on the Old Course. The most popular way to go about it is to fill out an application; then a lottery will be drawn and you will be notified if you have been chosen.

We spent three nights in St Andrews at the Rusacks Hotel. This hotel is a Victorian mansion off the 18th hole of the Old Course. During breakfast we were able to view the beach and the course and while having drinks later, we had the same gorgeous views.

When you are accepted to golf the Old Course, you also get to golf the New Course. So on Monday the guys golfed the New Course and the weather was perfect. The next day while they golfed, the Old Course in the pouring rain, Karen, Lynne and I had a driver take us for a tour up toward the highlands.

We stopped at Glamis Castle, which is the childhood home of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. Our guide shared some interesting stories and some haunted tales while she walked with us through some of the rooms of the castle. During our drive we saw fields of heather and so many sheep, that they seemed like they were part of the landscape! Our driver told us that there are over 700 golf courses in Scotland. He said that he will drop golfers off at one course in the morning and then take them to another course later in the day.

Scotland is definitely a golfer’s paradise, but even if you don’t golf, Scotland is certainly a beautiful place to visit. This is a picture of Mike, Vinny and John (along with their caddie) after finishing their memorable day on St Andrews Old Course…in the rain!


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