The Marche Region of Italy

Last summer my niece, Olivia, spent five weeks studying in Ascoli Piceno in the Marche region of Italy. 10420025_809826209028281_7094642149217587401_nLike many other people, I have traveled to all the “popular” places in Italy – Rome, Florence, Venice, and the Amalfi Coast, so I wasn’t very familiar with this area. After seeing her photos and listening to her talk about Ascoli Piceno, I am thinking about going back to Italy to spend some time in this diverse part of the country that is full of tradition and culture.

The Marche region is located in central Italy and stretches for 100 miles along the Adriatic Coast. There are many hill towns, the Apennines Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. Five provinces make up the Marche region, Ancona,Sheila the capital city and a bustling seaport with beautiful stretches of the Adriatic coastline, Pesaro-Urbino, Macerata, Fermo and Ascoli Piceno. There are also many seaside resort areas along the coast.

Olivia spent her time in Ascoli Piceno, the southernmost province in the Marche region. This is a town of culture and history with small winding streets and medieval buildings. 10533994_809827052361530_4460182305513944945_nIts main piazza, Piazza del Popolo is one of the most beautiful in Italy with it’s travertine marble pavement. Ascoli is a town with strong traditions. La Quintana. Ascoli’s jousting tournament, is one of the most authentic and exciting of the medieval shows in the Marche region. This takes place in the Piazza del Popolo on the first Sunday in August. and there is a procession with people dressed in 15th century costumes.

She also spent some time at the beach. San Benedetto del Tronto is one of the main holiday resorts with its long stretch of sandy beaches10533714_807321489278753_8630504591963890486_n - Copy and over 7,000 palm trees lining the wide promenade.

The best way to see many of the small hill towns, the inland and the seaside resorts would be to rent a car and drive this beautiful area of Italy. You can fly into Rome (3 hour drive to Ancona) or Bolgona (2-3 hour drive to Ancona). When I arranged my sister’s visit, she flew into Rome and took the train to Ancona and then onto Ascoli Piceno. She saw some of the most incredible landscape during this train ride and had one of her most memorable experiences visiting Ascoli Piceno.

Olivia was required to write a blog for one of her courses. Many of her posts spoke of the warmth of the people and the traditions and culture of the town. In one of her posts, she spoke of spending a few days in Rome and how when returning to Ascoli, she and her friend were happy to be back in their small, quaint town again. If you have visited Italy and want to return, this area may be a nice choice for you to consider.



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