Why you should use a travel consultant.

When you decide that you want to plan your trip and start researching on the internet, there is so much information for you to search through. With so many sights offering different information and deals, this can be overwhelming and confusing.  A vacation that looks perfect on line can turn into a disaster when you get there.

The hotel that was a great deal, may be in a location that is inconvenient and far from the city sights that you want to see or the restaurants that you want to enjoy. The time and the cost that you will spend traveling back and forth to your hotel makes the savings not worth it. Or the flight that you found for a hundred dollars less but has a very short layover, could allow you to miss your connection. This is not a peaceful way to start your vacation.

When you work with me, I can help you sort out all the information on line so that we design the perfect trip for you. After our initial consultation, I will have a better understanding of you and what type of vacation experiences you are looking for. I will help find you the perfect hotel that you want to spend time in so that you will feel comfortable and not be surprised when you arrive. I work with reputable suppliers and tour operators so I am able to help you plan informative and interesting tours of the sights that you want to visit. I can also arrange the special tours that shape the memories of your trip, like cooking classes, wine tours, museum experiences and anything else that will make your vacation personal and special for you. I am there for you before and while you are away – checking in with you to make sure that you are happy and everything is going the way you expected.

Experiences and memories are what we are looking for when we travel, and I work hard for you to be sure that you have all happy experiences and memories.

If you or anyone you know is interested in planning a trip to Europe, please give me a call or you can click the tag above to set up a complimentary consultation. As a travel consultant, I am committed to making your vacation, as well as your vacation planning, the best experience possible.


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